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Personal Trainer Certification 101
Pilates Certification 101
Master Trainer Certification 201
Sports Nutritionist Certification 101
Aerobics Certification 101
Kickboxing Aerobics Certification 101
Senior Fitness Specialist 101
Health Club Management 101
PT/Master Trainer Certification
PT/Pilates Certification
PT/Sports Nutritionist Certification
AMFPT Distributor

Most colleges now offer degree programs over the web. The AMFPT online certification programs are similar to college distance learning programs. The study guides and exams are online so there is no actual class work. When you finish the test, e-mail or mail it back and it will be corrected quickly. You'll be notified by e-mail with your score and your certificate will be sent out.

The American Muscle & Fitness Certification Courses take you step by step through the process of setting up your business and getting customers, provides actual training routines to get rapid results for all your client's fitness goals, and questionnaires and forms to hand out to clients. You will learn how to set up rates, where to buy insurance, and also receive handouts that you can use. You get a letter of recommendation from the President of AMFPT after you become certified to help you in your interviews with clients or gym managers. Topics that you need to know to be successful are covered in the study guides.

The AMFPT certification procedure is:

1. Enroll online or by mail.

2. See manual login instructions on your e-mail receipt and on screen when you finish.

3. Access the online manual and exam.

4. Study the manual and submit your exam whenever you are ready by e-mail or mail (there is no time limit).

5. Receive notice by e-mail with your test results and score.

6. Your certificate, wallet card and letter of recommendation are sent.

7. Your name is added to the AMFPT trainers page.

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