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Testimonials from AMFPT Graduates

"Thanks so much for the great course. I found this course to be very thorough, with high-quality information presented in a concise manner. As an emergency physician and the director of a cardiac rehab and fitness center, I found the course very helpful. The personal fitness and training information presented in this course is far beyond what most physicians are taught, yet Greg Ladd presents the material in a clear and understandable fashion. I heartily recommend this course!"

John Carson - MD. Yuma, AZ


"Since obtaining the AMFPT personal trainer certification and then the AMFPT master level trainer certification I have built a successful personal training business at QUADS gym in Chicago.

QUADS has been ranked as one of the top ten gyms in America by Muscle and Fitness Magazine. I really feel that having AMFPT certifications have contributed to my success."


Patrick Hipskind - Chicago, IL


"Thank you Mr.President of AMFPT...Im very excited to be a part of AMFPT as certified trainer."

Best Regards,

Daniel Owusu-Sekyere- Oxford, United Kingdom


"Mr. Ladd really knows his stuff. He has put together a comprehensive yet manageable course. It was convenient, easy to understand and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend his course to anyone interested in pursuing a career as a Personal Trainer!"

David O’Neil - Windsor, Ontario, Canada


"AMFPT, your course was great! I started using some of your tips at the gym the first day I got it. Although I have a college degree I haven't been to school in years and it was a great refresher. Thanks."

Ed Nondorf - Otsego, Michigan


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gregory Ladd and the staff at AMFPT for providing such a valuable resource to help me further my career as a personal trainer. The AMFPT online training format allows those working in the fitness industry to enhance their careers through a variety of programs geared toward working professionals. The courses are presented in a clear, concise, comprehensive manner with particular attention being given to expectations and individual course requirements. I was also impressed with the amount of support I received from AMFPT and Gregory Ladd in particular. All of my questions regarding course work were answered promptly and thoroughly and I was provided with several useful ideas to help my business grow.

Once again, thanks for everything."


Alan W. Pruitt - Stuart, Florida


"Thanks Greg! Bobby and I are both very appreciative of your program and even though we are acquainted with fitness, the certification was beneficial."

Thanks again and God bless,

Bobby and Valentina Barker- Avaon, Indiana


"Thanks for the great program. I was impressed with the quality of information, and the practical insights you supplied. I also really think that the handouts are fantastic."

Chris Hertzler - San Jose, CA


"This course is wonderfully informative and I need to thank you yet again for what I feel is a course that I can recommend without any hesitation to anyone who is thinking of embarking on Personal Fitness. The forms which can be used towards making sure my clients are safe and sound are invaluable and the knowledge acquired for running your own business in respect of personal training are also invaluable.

Thank you Gregory for what I beleive is probably the best course on the market, precise, concise and easy to comprehend."

Josceleyne Dalton-Baugh - Austin Texas


"I just wanted to say the manual is a great source of information. I just submitted my test and would like to say, I knew quite a bit already but learned a great deal of new information.

Again thank you for the manual, the information it contains will benefit me throughout my career. Thanks and have a great day."

Adam Wilson - Bladenboro, North Carolina


"THANKS, I appreciate this certification very much, because this has been a life-long passion of mine, and now that it is finally reached...I can practice it now. You don't know how much hard work and preparation I put leading up to this. Again, I greatly appreciate it, and i wish your company best of luck....THANKS....GOD bless."

Skylar Holcombe - Covington, Georgia


"Thanks for making the certification process sensible and quick. No driving an hour or two to take a test (half of it you don't even use). Your concern for your certified trainers shows by the time you take to answer phone calls when needed. A total class act."

Stephen M. Purfeerst - Rockford, IL


"I recently got certified as a CFT and I must say it was the best decision of my life. Within the first few days I started training some clients and making good money. I'm very grateful for the opportunity and confidence given to me by your organization. I will represent the American Muscle & Fitness with pride, thank you."

Luis Rodriguez - Fresh Meadows, NY

"Thank you for making certification easy. Your certification is great!"

Kristi Mosley - Northport, AL


"This program gets an A+!"

Tony Canceliere - Egg Harbor NJ


"Thanks, I liked this course!"

Muhammad Ilyas - Flushing, NY


"Knowing what I know about personal training, this course is as informative as any other on the market. I would recommend it to anyone looking to become a certified personal trainer."

Ron Kaisen - Loxahatchee Groves, FL


"You've made my life a lot easier by providing the forms, diets, routines, weight loss tips and everything. I'm having all my trainers take your certification!"

Tina Durbin - President-Tryon Health & Fitness, Tryon, NC 828-859-5935


"I received your e-mail with congratulations on passing the exam. In a couple of days I also got the certificate and other papers. Everything was very professional, fast and convenient. Thank you again."

Alexandr Choklin - Staten Island, NY


"I really enjoyed your course, it was recommended by a trainer friend of mine. As a former teacher (BS Education, M.Ed. Instructional Technology) I can honestly say that your material was well designed, nicely organized, and concise, yet thorough in covering all the material. Thank You."

Jennifer Karasick-Masulis - Cleveland, OH


"Thanks to AMFPT, I have received the confidence and the necessary certification to become a personal fitness trainer! At first, I was timid about the certification, thinking that the ones that require a weekend retreat were crucial to my career. Of course, those certifications are NOT necessary to land a job as a personal trainer in almost all the gyms! I have just been offered three job offers the same day I received this certification. Thanks to Greg and his excellent course, I am now able to train clients with the added benefit that Greg has given me numerous techniques and secrets in a way that is very easy to understand."

Nivedita Jerath - Augusta, GA


"Thanks alot!!!! After getting my certificate in the mail 3 days later I
was working full time as a trainer at L.A. Fitness.   Thanks a bunch - you

Joe Schroeder - North Wales, PA


"I am sending you a magazine with an ad that features me as one of your certified trainers. So far your certification has landed me many prosperous oppurtunities. Thank you once again. I think what you have done for all of us fit minded people is spectacular!!!!"

Constance Bickel - Ocala, FL


"The courses were extremely informative and practical. You really have a quality product. They were both concise yet packed with the type of information you need (without the superfluous) Thanks again."


Lee Tucker - Ocala, FL


"The course was great! The Kickboxing Aerobics Instructor certification was very convenient with very good material to learn and follow. Thanks for making the certification process so fast."

Johnny E. Guardiola - Hatillo, Puerto Rico

"Thank you for your certification. I now work as a head trainer @ Kaiser Permanente in Oakland California. We train Corporate Employees of Kaiser. I love my job and thanks to you I am living a dream. I am getting a co-worker into your program as she is amazed with your web site."
Thanks Again,
Noah Hinkston - Oakland, California


"Dear Mr. Turull (NY City Class Instructor),

Want to say thanks again for everything. I just want to say that it's because of you, I've found new success.

I have my own clientale now, even have some at Trump Plaza, where I've trained with Derek Jeter training right along side of me. Halle Berrie was on her way in as I was on my way out, so it's been quite exciting for me to see the other side of celebs when they’re not in the fashion realm.

Again my success is contributed to you and I know your used to the glitz and glam of PT."

Thanks, Sincerely,

Yosiah L. Israel - Bronx NY


"I really enjoyed your course. I found it to full of great advice that I can use for clients as well as myself. It was easy and very informative. I am now looking forward to a career in personal training."

Thanks for everything!

Dave Lehman - Leechburg, PA


"Mr. Ladd,

I would like to "Thank You" for the wonderful programs that you have available. I took the Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist combination course, and found it very informative and easy to understand. I am looking forward to starting my new career in the fitness field."

Thank you again,

Janis L. Kruger - Auburn, CA


"I meant to thank you for the processing time beginning with the
exam to receiving my certification card and recommendation letter. I am
extremely appreciative that I did not have to go through months of training to
begin working as a personal trainer.
I will be forever grateful."

Devona Smith - Elk Grove, CA


"Thank you for your quick response on the grading of my certification test. I'm glad there is a resonable price test to take, not only that you can take the test online, and be notified of your status; whether pass or fail. Thank You AMFPT for being there for PT's that really dont have a lot of money to spend on a certification.

I recommend this PT Course to anyone who wants to start a career in Personal Fitness."


Mark Lowery - Atlanta, GA


"Thank you so much for sending the results. I'm happy that I passed. The diploma is beautiful. Can't wait to get started. Also thanks for the new card. I enjoy using the program for both PILATES and FITNESS TRAINING. I have 10 children and this program has helped me to shape up inspite of me being almost 50 and having given birth to and raising 10 healthy children."

Lots of love and God Bless you.

Teresita Cagle - London, England


"I loved the course...very informative."


Vicki Hooks - Little Rock, AR


"Your Personal Trainer Certification course was exactly want I needed to learn everything necessary to get certified and hired as a Certified Personal Trainer. Club Curvaceous, "Fitness For Her" hired me the day I showed them the "A" I got on my exam. The personal trainer course is through, motivational, comprehensive, thought provoking, and packed with current training information that really works. I love my job."

Thank you for everything.

Dennis R. Arnold - Garland, Texas


"Thank you, so much!!!!!

Your certification program is so great!!! I have been training for over 12 years. I just didn't have the national certification. I have already gotten hired a
club. I need your certification to secure the position. I am really thankful this Program. It was convenient for me to study at home in my spare. That
was important, because I have a busy schedule. The manual is clear and simple to follow."

Thanks Again.

Maxcyne Duvishelle - Creve Coeur, MO


"It is with great pleasure that I recommend American Muscle & Fitness Kickboxing Aerobics classes, to everyone who would like to be an Aerobics Instructor. I have learned so much in such a short time. Studying and working at my own pace, was perfect for my busy schedule. I am delighted to report to you that one of the local gym’s has already ask would I be interested in working as a trainer.

I strongly recommend this class, I am sure you will be more than satisfied with your performance.

Again, it was a pleasure working with you, can’t wait to begin the next class at AMFPT."                          


John Lall -  Hollywood, Florida


"Thank you so much, I'm really excited! of course I LOVED the course, and I'm actually studying right now for 2 other certifications from AMFPT! The best part of the course for me was the sales aspects. I do love to work out and to give any knowledge I have to others but I also love Sales & Motivational work. I thought your information was great. thank you, again, so much."


Jessica Hunter - San Clemente, CA


"Your course was concise, well written and presented. It contained great advice for beginning trainers and good solid concepts for ones with experience. The forms and questionnares included are great bonuses for someone setting up their own business, as I am. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to being considered a member of AMFPT."


Bruce Florence - Charlotte NC

Infinity Health and Fitness


"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the efficant and competent way you handle business. Whenever I do business online, I always have reservations, especially when it involves a credit card transaction. Your organization is obviously well organized and I'm a very satisfied customer. I feel privileged to have received my PT/Master PT certification from AMFPT. Thank you also for answering all of my questions about the exam. Your patience was greatly appreciated.

I don't consider personal training a job, but a career that I take seriously. I competed in my first NPC Figure competition in November '04, which was no easy feat being a single mom, but it paid off. I came in third place and walked away quite pleased. The knowledge I acquired from training for my show will improve the quality of my business, and I plan to take it as far as I can. Thank you for being a part of my journey !"

Yasharay T. Mack - Brooklyn, NY


"Thank you for your certification program it is wonderful. I am interested in finding out about your program for proctoring exams for certification.

Thank you for your help. I am one of your certified trainers and happy that I chose to use your services."


Karen Horn - Philadelphia, PA


"I just wanted to let you know that I received my official certificate, letter
or recommendation and certification card in the mail today. Everything looks

I cannot tell you how excited I am to oficially be a certified trainer. It is
something that I have always wanted to do. The AMFPT course was so extremely
helpful and I learned so many valuable things that will be of tremendous help
to myself and future clients. You truly have an excellent program and should
be very proud.

Thanks again for everything and I look forward to using everything I have
learned in your certification program. Take care!"


Edward Barrett - Lavallette NJ


"I am so excited to have passed the exam and I look forward to receiving my certification. I was very pleased with the course and I feel that anyone who is interested in pursuing a career that may include Pilates should feel confident about the education they will receive in your course. I was able to clearly apply the methods in the manual and with the actually application of the routine for myself I was able to take the exam without hesitation. Once again I sincerely" thank you" for sharing your knowledge and making this possibility a true reality."

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Debra Symons - Henderson, NV


"I just wanted to thank you for your service it was the way service is
supposed to be. When there was a problem you fixed that problem smoothly. I appreciate that very much."

Thank you,

Luke Hoffman - Southgate, KY


"I am a pre med major at Austin Community College. The manual was very informative and I enjoyed reading it."

Finn Staber - Liberty Hill, TX


"I will certainly tell everyone I know about your website and I thank you for having the website so easy to use. I already teach Pilates and this will help me even more to venture out."

Thanks Again,

Paula Ward - Ozark, Alabama


"This course was very informative and the material was written in a straight forward, no nonsense manner. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Thank you,

Tim Oaks -  Maynardville, TN


"Hats off to your fitness certification programe, it was one of my happiest moment in my fitness career when I received your e-mail that I have passed the exam with high score A and now I am a certified AMFPT TRAINER. Thanks a lot again for all the help and support.

I highly recommend AMFPT to any one, novice or experienced."

Rohit Kumar(Kamil Khan) - Kolkata, INDIA


"I am glad to have become part of you fitness organization. I know that I have a lot more to learn and complete, and this would include myself. I and currently doing training and the fitness center at my church which, I did mention previously. I am very content and just looking forward to training and helping people make that change that they are currently seeking as to there physical body.

Thank you again and I will be awaiting the information that I am to receive within a week."


Frank R. Jassir - West Palm Beach Florida


"Thanks for the great news and advice. I fortunately already have some prospects lined up. and hopefully the AMFPT certificate will do the trick. I certainly intend to recommend your service to others."

Thank you again,

Walter Lindsay - New York, NY

"I very much enjoyed your course so very understandable and a concise interpretation. Being a retired,natural bodybuilder (I did my last show in '99), I wanted to stay in the fitness field. Whether I want to train here at my cabin on the lake near the highest point in Alabama -- setting up my own training facility -- or starting off with Gold's gym, I now have the certification to do both. I went in a couple of weeks ago to use the rest room at a neaby Gold's Gym and just happened to ask about personal training, they exclaimed that they needed one now and said when I receive certification come on back."

Retired natural bodybuilder,

Michael Ray Luker - Lineville, AL


"Dear AMFPT,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. The information manual for personal training was very informative and help me to pass the exam to become a certified personal trainer. Know I finally can work in the career field that I've been wanting to for years. This has been a huge help I would recommend this course to become any type of physical trainer to anyone, its knowledgeable, quick, and non expensive."

Again, thank you.

Carlos Arteaga - Glendale AZ


"I just want to thank you for helping me get started on my way to working as
a personal trainer and i will for sure tell others i know about it i enjoyed
all the new stuff i have learned that i did not really know before."

Thanks again.

Chris Muncaster - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada


"Thank you for providing such a comprehensive Pilates course online. It is beneficial to have access to colored pictures of various exercises along with a brief review of human anatomy that are target areas of Pilates. A feature of this training that includes establishing a business is a special bonus!"

Camille Williams - Gulfport MS


"I loved all the courses that I took through AMFPT! I have been practicing natural health and exercise therapy for years as well as doing personal training and still found the courses challenging and enlightening. I felt that they gave me a broader view of my field and offered up to date info that my clients as well as myself could benefit from.

My favorite part about the courses is the fact that they are practically designed for adults and expect the trainer to take full responsibility for their continued education and success.

Overall, I have to say that the experience I ahd with AMFPT has been exceptional."

Thanks so much!

Jennifer Kornberger MFT, RMT - St. Louis, MO

"I loved the course. AMFPT is very efficient and the information I got from taking this course will go along way, to help me as a Pilates instructor. I highly recommend AMFPT for online courses, and will use them again."

Kim Miller-Jones  - Mashpee, MA


"I just want to say thank you for all the help, guideness and advice I Have received from you, I am very happy and excited that I passed, and I will keep you informed in my future success."

Thank you again.

Nicos Michaelides - Cyprus


"Gregory Ladd, President of American Muscle and Fitness, has an uncanny
ability to precisely mention the exact information that you need in order
to achieve in the Fitness arena. His Sports Fitness and Personal Training
Certifications are informative, essential, concise, and efficient leaving
you every tool to succeed."

Dean Curry - New York
Motivational Speaker
President And Founder
Rising Star Enterprises For Well-Being


"I enjoyed the course and would like to have my name placed on the AMFPT website."

Crystal Pettigrew - Philadelphia, PA


"Thanks so much for the results and yes, I have made it! Thanks for all your support. I will certainly do my level best in moulding my clients. I would also like to seize this opportunity to tell all those reading this mail of the benefits and how comprehensive your training regime has been. For those considering talking a Personal Trainer's course, do take it with Greg and it's really rewarding.

Thank you Sir, and will keep you posted of my progress."

Best Regards,

Anthony John - Jacksonville, FL


"I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to have a career in fitness. This program is top notch. As a Professional Athlete (Fighter) I've come full circle in my training by now being able to add AMFPT to my credits. Training other people who want to excel in fitness has been a great honor for me. Thank you!"

Benjamin Glossop - Safety Harbor FL

AMFPT CFT - 3rd year


"I also wanted to let you, since getting certified I have only had a few clients all good and all were very happy with the results. Once I got certified I put my logo and phone number on the back of my SUV. Well today driving to my office a guy 2 cars back called me to see if I would be willing to train him and his wife in their home. Something as simple as a window sticker for $30.00 paying off in a different state after a relocation.

Anyways, thank you for updating my info and I am looking forward to building my PT business here in Florida."

Ross Semplice- Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"Thanks Greg and AMFPT for the Sports Nutritionalist Certification. This is just what I was looking for to help my clients and earn extra income. A great learning experience."

Tony Spain - Sarasota FL (Boxing Fitness Instuctor)


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