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Personal Trainer Certification 101
Pilates Certification 101
Master Trainer Certification 201
Strength & Conditioning Trainer Certification101
Sports Nutritionist Certification 101
Aerobics Certification 101
Kickboxing Aerobics Certification 101
Senior Fitness Specialist 101
Health Club Management 101
PT/Master Trainer Certification
PT/Pilates Certification
PT/Sports Nutritionist Certification
AMFPT Live Class Licensing
2006 Graduate - Michele

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American Muscle & Fitness - the #1 Online International Fitness Certification Company with over 7000 Graduates Worldwide Online Courses for:

Personal Trainer Master Trainer Strength & Conditioning Trainer Aerobics Instructor Kickboxing Aerobics Instructor Sports Nutritionist Health Club Manager Senior Fitness Specialist  Pilates Instructor Only $79.95 each

Package Specials: PT/Master Trainer PT/Pilates Instructor PT/Sports Nutritionist Only $119.95 for 2 courses

Fast, Convenient, Affordable, Recognized Worldwide and Committed to Your Success

Thinking of becoming a Certified Trainer? Then it's time to join the fast growing, high profit, recession proof fitness industry by becoming a Certified Trainer right now and earning as much as $50,000+ per year. It might be the single most important career decision you make.

American Muscle & Fitness has one of the most widely respected and valuable online trainer certification programs available. It's becoming the certification of choice among trainers and the gold standard of certification programs. Recognized for its low cost, convenience, personal attention and first class information. The course provides you with the latest no-nonsense information.

Enroll today. Show clients you're certified by hanging your AMFPT certificate in the gym. Fully accredited by the American Muscle & Fitness Personal Training Institute. Live class fee for this course is $299. (live classes also available - click here to find a live class near you), online course is only $79.95. You save $220. Tuition fee includes exam. cou

Are you stuck in a dead end job and ready for an exciting new career doing what you want in the recession proof fitness industry? Maybe it's time to say so long to your old boss and become a self employed personal fitness trainer. If you have been working out a while, you may want to convert the physique you've developed and your training knowledge into hard currency. AMFPT certification can help if you're applying for a position as a trainer in the multi-million dollar health club business. WARNING: Many potential clients and health clubs will not hire non-certified trainers.

You can begin your compelling new career as a fully certified trainer today for only $79.95, compared to $500 for ISSA, $375 plus $75 annually for NFPT and $200 for ACE. The enrollment fee for this course was $299, but the Internet has enabled AMFPT to roll back registration fees to just $79.95. What that means to you is true savings of $220 by enrolling now. And what that really means to you is you get a two-hundred dollar value at a fraction of the cost. You have the potential to earn $25-$100 an hour with no overhead and the freedom of owning your own business. And what that really means to you is a great new career that you can be proud of.

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"I'm committed to your success."
Gregory Ladd, President

"Thanks so much for the great course. I found this course to be very thorough, with high-quality information presented in a concise manner. As an emergency physician and the director of a cardiac rehab and fitness center, I found the course very helpful. The personal fitness and training information presented in this course is far beyond what most physicians are taught, yet Greg Ladd presents the material in a clear and understandable fashion.

I heartily recommend this course!"

John Carson - MD. Yuma, AZ

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